Threat Intelligence.

ROI-driven bespoke threat intelligence for large brands.

Test the bleeding edge of InfoSec.

Identification of points of greatest loss to the business followed by targeted investigation into specific threat actors and methodologies.

Aimed at increasing digital service margins, significantly enhancing cyber strategy and taking informed action against determined threat actors.

Respond to direct, supply chain and competitor breaches months before wide circulation occurs. Understand how these breaches have occurred, their likely impact on your staff and strategic position - and adjust accordingly.

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Understand where your data exists outside of your infrastructure.

View your companies online presence from the perspective of an attacker.

Protect your brand from malicious actors with actionable intelligence.

Understand an attacker would target your critical employees.

Why TurgenSec?

We take a fundamentally different and more value-driven approach to digital risk protection. Disrupting the process by which data exposures, digital risks and personal digital profiles are discovered and actioned.

We have pioneered a scalable analytical framework that enables us to quickly and efficiently find unusual attributes across bulk unstructured data. Making large infrastructure analysis and digital foot printing across the Internet achievable and useful.

Our technology was validated and enhanced through the NCSC accelerator, enabling us to outperform and under-price the existing inefficient market. It has directly led to the responsible disclosure of breaches impacting hundreds of millions of people, numerous fortune 500 companies and governments.

We can confidently say that our products are easy to buy, simple to use and provide benefits within the first day.