Supply Chain Monitoring.

Generating confidence in the security posture of your complex supply chain.

Test the next evolution in Supply Chain Management.

Your supply chain represents the largest operational risk to your business outside of your corporate IT. Yet most supply chain assurance is build on trust and belief that a company acts according to their procurement statements.

We believe you shouldn’t just trust, you need to verify as well.

We offer scalable digital risk protection capabilities to help you build confidence that your suppliers take information security seriously.  Giving you a view of your supplier’s security just as a threat actor sees it.

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We do not require a supplier list to perform this service and are able to assemble target lists as a threat actor would.

You trust your suppliers with your critical operational, customer and employee personal data.

Build on-going assurance that they are protecting it.

Often your business reputation relies on that data’s confidentiality and integrity creating uncomfortable levels of accepted risk.

We help take the risk out of your supply chain by providing on-going Digital Risk Protection on your suppliers. Alerting you to data breaches, vulnerable assets and weaknesses in your supply chain.

Allowing you to alert your supply chain to risks before they damage your company and validating that they respond maturely and swiftly to address any issues.

Why TurgenSec?

We take a fundamentally different and more value-driven approach to digital risk protection. Disrupting the process by which data exposures, digital risks and personal digital profiles are discovered and actioned.

We have pioneered a scalable analytical framework that enables us to quickly and efficiently find unusual attributes across bulk unstructured data. Making large infrastructure analysis and digital foot printing across the Internet achievable and useful.

Our technology was validated and enhanced through the NCSC accelerator, enabling us to outperform and under-price the existing inefficient market. It has directly led to the responsible disclosure of breaches impacting hundreds of millions of people, numerous fortune 500 companies and governments.

We can confidently say that our products are easy to buy, simple to use and provide benefits within the first day.