Completing cyber security.

TurgenSec Enterprise

Perception Product

Infrastructure Scanning.

Making comprehensive security for large distributed infrastructure financially feasible.

Mapping your infrastructure using your known list of assets and assembling a large dataset from it. This dataset is then mined using our proprietary system to identify servers worth manual inspection - manual inspection by our experts then yields a set of actionable results.

We thrive on highly variable or unknown scopes, hunting outside your known infrastructure for instances of exposed data or services established outside of the corporate domain.

Revelation Product

Threat Intelligence.

ROI-driven threat intelligence for brands targeted by persistent threat actors.

Identification of points of greatest loss to the business followed by targeted investigation into specific threat actors and methodologies.

Clients see the following benefits;

Increased digital service profitability through elimination of fraud.

Direct, informed action against specific threat actors.

Become informed of direct, supply chain and competitor breaches months before wide circulation occurs. Understanding how these breaches have occurred and adjust accordingly.

Build resilience in key human targets informed by direct interaction with threat actors.

Receive core information for digital strategy surrounding staff and customer protection.

Observation Product

Supply Chain Monitoring.

Bulk data analysis and threat intelligence to mitigate supply chain risk.

An extension of the two products above with a fully expanded scope for continuous evaluation of large supply chains. We do not require a supplier list to perform this service and are able to assemble target lists as a threat actor would.


Offensive privacy for the people.

A personal cybersecurity platform which automatically harvests and analyses the digital footprints of users, providing an interface through which they can easily manage and control their data shadow. The platform sorts and prioritizes each data point for each individual in accordance with associated risk and learns to deliver more accurate footprints with time.

Your organization is only as secure as your people. Your people are only as good as the tools they are given.