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What does do?

The free and secure tool to analyse your facebook data.
Understand your personality, security, and mood from your data. Think of it as a "digital mirror". & TurgenSec Partnership

TurgenSec is collaborating with on developing data shadow.

A personal cybersecurity platform for high-impact individuals, which analyses personal data and publicly available OSINT data for security threats.

Our platform searches for security-relevant information that compromises your digital identity across the internet, the dark web, hacker forums, IRC chats, breach records and the personal data stored by corporate giants. The data is analysed and visualised to provide personalised advice or automated controls for minimising your pretextual information attack surface.

Your organisation is only as secure as your people.

About CyberFirst

CyberFirst began as a programme of opportunities to help young people explore their passion for tech by introducing them to the world of cyber security.

CyberFirst covers a broad range of activities: comprehensive bursary and apprenticeship schemes; a girls' only competition and school's development courses at UK universities and colleges. There’s even Cyber Discovery; our online extracurricular programme. Each activity is designed to seek out people with potential, offering the support, skills, experience and exposure needed to be the future first line of defence in our CyberFirst world.