Intelligence Driven KYC.

Signup fraud detection for cheaper, better and more scalable anti fraud.  

Test the bleeding edge of Automated Intelligence.

Automated intelligence combined with a bespoke analytical model.

Enhancing your KYC through OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). 

How much can you really know about your customers from a few data points and a photo id? We take conventional KYC and enhance it through OSINT and our intelligence capabilities.

- Find if a registration attempt is attached to a known bad actor.

- Ascertain if an email has been registered solely for usage with your service. 

- Find if a signup likely comes from a citizen of, or is associated with a given location.

- Automatically mark unusual sign-ups for manual verification.

- Cross reference photos from ID's with social media account pictures.

Can be seamlessly integrated with any standard registration process or existing user database & requires no further information or action to be requested.

Account registration fraud can be most cheaply solved with a combination of data enrichment & machine learning

Conventional data points gathered in registration are not substantial or predictive enough for models to work with. 

Enrichment of initial data points is required, followed by anomaly detection on a complete dataset.

Why TurgenSec?

Confidence in the performance of our analytical framework currently permits us to offer proof of concepts free of charge. Our proprietary digital risk protection technology was developed whilst completing the NCSC accelerator and takes a fundamentally different approach to digital risk protection that allows us to outperform and under-price the market.

Our technology has directly led to the responsible disclosure of breaches impacting hundreds of millions of people, numerous fortune 500 companies and governments. We offer these same capabilities to our clients, reducing digital risk.