Human Attack Surface Management.

Human Attack Surface Management provides business a deep understanding of the way malicious actors can (and do) target your employees. 

The Bleeding Edge of Automated Intelligence.

Automated intelligence combined with a bespoke analytical model.

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Understand how an attacker views your companies human infrastructure.

See which employees are most exposed to attacks and why.

Understand how critical employees and new hires can protect themselves through actionable intelligence.

We do not require an employee list to perform this service and are able to assemble target lists as a threat actor would.

Your employees represent the most common vector of attack into your organisation. Understand how your staff are exposing themselves online and how attackers view your businesses human attack surface:

Highlight which employees are most likely to be targeted by threat actors across both large and small employee bases.

✅ Distribute education sheets to your employees so they can understand the true extent of what they are exposing online.

✅ Take pre-emptive action to protect your critical and most targeted employees.

✅ Monitor evolving employee risk profiles over time to inform your cyber defence strategy.

Why TurgenSec?

Confidence in the performance of our analytical framework currently permits us to offer proof of concepts free of charge. Our proprietary digital risk protection technology was developed whilst completing the NCSC accelerator and takes a fundamentally different approach to digital risk protection that allows us to outperform and under-price the market.

Our technology has directly led to the responsible disclosure of breaches impacting hundreds of millions of people, numerous fortune 500 companies and governments. We offer these same capabilities to our clients, reducing digital risk.