Customer Intelligence.

Quickly understand your customers based on their wider internet usage.

The Bleeding Edge of Automated Intelligence.

Automated intelligence combined with a bespoke analytical model.

Understand the wider behaviours and activities of your customer base.

Examine how the behaviours of emerging customer groups differ from your existing base.

Identify trends and feedback into product improvement and marketing campaigns. 

Can be seamlessly integrated with any existing user database & requires no further information or action to be requested from your customers.

Understanding as far as possible how your customers live and work outside of your platform is fundamentally valuable for;

Creating a product with the highest possible retention.

✅ Optimising marketing campaigns and understanding their effectiveness in different segments.

✅ Making the best possible guesses about new feature success.

Why TurgenSec?

Confidence in the performance of our analytical framework currently permits us to offer proof of concepts free of charge. Our proprietary digital risk protection technology was developed whilst completing the NCSC accelerator and takes a fundamentally different approach to digital risk protection that allows us to outperform and under-price the market.

Our technology has directly led to the responsible disclosure of breaches impacting hundreds of millions of people, numerous fortune 500 companies and governments. We offer these same capabilities to our clients, reducing digital risk.