Actionable Attack Surface Management.

Making comprehensive security for large or distributed exposed infrastructure financially feasible.

Test the next evolution in Exposure Monitoring.

We show you those vulnerable & risky assets that exist whether inside or outside of your known IT scope. We offer intelligence, not a stream of low-value data points; derived from a human machine collaborative framework that allows us to provide superior results at an otherwise infeasible price point.

Noise-dominated output is a thing of the past.

We return a bespoke, manually filtered list of assets most in need of attention, splitting your infrastructure into logical groups for efficient allocation of internal resources.

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Map: Identify and enrich your knowledge of your exposed attack surface - including your orphaned assets, shadow IT, and misconfigured services.

Prioritise: We act as AI-enhanced attackers operating at scale. Identifying those unusual or risky assets attackers will mostly likely target, or where information breaches are occurring. 

Respond: Get actionable intelligence delivered straight to your information security team. No time wasted going through hundreds of items. Your team focuses on what matters.

We thrive on highly variable or unknown scopes and are confident in separating mixed corporate, customer and business assets. 

Why TurgenSec?

We take a fundamentally different and more value-driven approach to digital risk protection. Disrupting the process by which data exposures, digital risks and personal digital profiles are discovered and actioned.

We have pioneered a scalable analytical framework that enables us to quickly and efficiently find unusual attributes across bulk unstructured data. Making large infrastructure analysis and digital foot printing across the Internet achievable and useful.

Our technology was validated and enhanced through the NCSC accelerator, enabling us to outperform and under-price the existing inefficient market. It has directly led to the responsible disclosure of breaches impacting hundreds of millions of people, numerous fortune 500 companies and governments.

We can confidently say that our products are easy to buy, simple to use and provide benefits within the first day.