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About TurgenSec.



TurgenSec offers top security information services uniting the human and technical elements of a complete cyber security package to provide services across the board. 


Creating a world where people can accurately understand the extent of their publicly exposed data.

In particular:

When TurgenSec’s research and development activities bring to light breaches, the company activates its responsible disclosure policy. Responsible disclosure represents a value proposition for TurgenSec’s services.

TurgenSec’s Exosystem Monitoring service monitors third party breaches for corporate clients, providing the necessary information, resources and tools to reduce the risk and impact of breaches affecting the supply chain and other third parties.

TurgenSec’s Data Shadow service provides clients with tools and information to monitor their personal and third party information online. Partnered with ( the Data Shadow service empowers clients to monitor, remove and evaluate the personal information that could be used against them to phish, extort and make opposition market gains.

Promoting the legitimate expectation that personal data is treated with care.

TurgenSec’s business services and responsible disclosure practices ensure personal data privacy for clients and individuals impacted by data breaches. TurgenSec treats all personal data with which it interacts with care. Responsible disclosures and public disclosures encourage organisations and companies to treat people’s data with care as well as educating the public on the value of their personal data. Public disclosures further encourage companies to take positive, demonstrable and effective steps in preventing data breaches from occurring again in future.

Empowering people to use their data to make change as an individual.

TurgenSec’s partnership with ( lays the groundwork for the monetisation and responsible use of personal data reclaimed from companies through GDPR and other data protection legislation. Ethi is not alone in this endeavour and TurgenSec is open to collaboration with other companies working towards the same ends.

TurgenSec Data Breach Statements of 2020.

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